Brandtailors opens the hygienic paper products for brandingservices, by creating Lila Camilla for Vrancart


Brandtailors signed the creation of Lila Camilla, Vrancart’s new hygienic paper products brand. Created in order to build Vrancart’s consumer brands portfolio, Lila Camilla – the new hygienic paper products brand created by Brandtailors – is a market novelty, being the 1st brand in its category to establish an emotional connection between the products and the end consumer, bond which was previously expressed only in brand communication platforms.

While most Romanian brands activating in the toilet paper andpaper towel products category focus on generating sensorialassociations related to the products themselves – perfume,texture, color –, Lila Camilla stands out by setting a powerfulemotional connection with the consumer in terms of addressingthe cleanness and sanitization needs that are the fundamental toany brand in this entire category.

Andreea Florea

Client Service Partener

The brand’s high level of recall is ensured by the use of a musical name, while the slogan “The cleanness fairy” and the visual and vocal associations with the chamomile support Lila Camilla’s positioning as the keysterilizing agent for the entire household

The package design’s focus on the cleanness fairy character, theuse of light blue, white, blue and green and the chamomile flowers that make up the brand’s visual territory enhance and define Lila Camilla’s high degree of association with perfect cleanness, asolution much sough-after by the consumer.
Andreea Florea
The Brandtailors team members having contributed to the development of this project are: Andreea Floreaand Beatrice Daniş – brand strategy, Diana Papuc – creative concept, Melania Moisi – package design,Anca Andronescu and Andreea Florea – project management, Mihai Parpalea – image retouching and preproduction processing.