Dorna mineral water bottle, a new packaging created by Cocoon Group Bucharest

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Cocoon Group Bucharest made the new design for Dorna mineral water brand (Coca-Cola’s portfolio).

The redesign project aimed to highlight the newest brand initiatives: continuity in getting close to the nature by launching a new packaging that has with 25% less plastic.

The new packaging is lighter and accentuates the main attributes of the products: naturalness and purity, while the 3 steps – “Drink, twist, recycle” – invite the consumers to be Dorna’s partners in its care for nature and environment.

Dorna mineral water made itself known over the time by boldness and unicity for its communication campaigns, that go beyond the functional attributes of the brands, to the emotional side

After evaluating more directions for design, both for still water and sparkly water, we chose the proposal that offers the perfect balance between all attributes Dorna mineral natural water want to transmit. The changes in visual identity, that also included the logo, were made in a subtle manner, so that they would offer continuity in the communication with the consumers. The final perception is one of a new, fresh and modern image

Simona Straut

Managing Director Cocoon Group Bucharest

The changes brought to the visual identity and communication of a brand with such high notoriety as Dorna are always a challenge. Therefore, the chosen design illustrates the best the innovative, trend-setter attitude of Dorna natural mineral water

Dana Ichim

Group Brand Manager Waters

Cocoon Group team working on the project included Evgheny Razzhivin – Senior Designer, Martin Zouhar – Creative Leader CG Bucharest, Dana Pandelescu – Project Manager and Simona Straut – Managing Director. Coca-­Cola Romania was represented by Dana Ichim – Group Brand Manager Waters and Iuliana Nedelcu – Brand Manager Waters.