Facebrands: Over 17,000 Romanian pages on Facebook

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Facebrands.ro and Facebrands PRO announced they are monitoring over 17,000 Romanian Facebook pages in 50 categories.

Compared to the start of the year, the number of Romanian Facebook pages increased by 10%, from 15,600 pages at the end of January until 17,127 pages now.

For those pages, the clients of Facebrands PRO subscriptions can also follow the effective performance data: engaged users, engagement rate, and can compare them with each category’s averages or with own lists of pages, that they can define themselves.

Someone that manages a page for dairy products can compare the performance of that page with the average of similar pages or competition pages

Ionut Oprea

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Facebrands PRO shows the entire image of the Facebook activity for each industry, completing data about Facebook pages’ performance with info on campaigns made by everyone, and also punctual elements of those campaigns: ads, tabs or apps.

According to the most recent Facebrands.ro and Facebrands PRO data, there are now 4,74M Facebook users in  Romania, with 4,11M (86.70%) declaring their residence town. Most Facebook users in Romania are in Bucharest (1,23M, 30.1%), followed by Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Iasi (over 4% each)