National social campaign by MedLife, on World Blood Donor Day

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Romanian private health care operator MedLife organized, in June, the 2nd blood donation campaign nationwide, in clinics in Bucharest, Arad and Timisoara, targeting this year all volunteers willing to donate blood in order to help people in need.

The campaign, that ran under the slogan “Donate blood! Share the happy of living”, was organized in partnership with Romanian National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion from Bucharest and covered the period June 18-21.

Through the campaign, MedLife aims to gather as many blood donors as possible and to create them a habit of donating blood regularly.

During campaign’s days, 300 people came in MedLife centers, donating a total of 87 liters of blood. According to statistics, Romania needs half million blood units annually and only 2% of the population donate, while the European average is 10%.

The campaign included 2 components: an informational one – that included a special page on company’s website, messages towards employees and clients with project’s presentation – and a stage that supposed involvement – setting up special spaces with mobile teams to handle the blood donation. Campaign’s messages were promoted in all MedLife locations through posters and flyers, but also on heath center’s Facebook page, that reached to 20,000 friends.

MedLife is active on Romanian market since 1996 and is one of the biggest private healthcare operators on the local market.