Grolsch launched Pop-Up Your Mind platform, daring the public to go beyond imagination’s limits

Events, Marketing

Grolsch launched Pop-Up Your Mind platform, daring the public to be creative, to go out of their comfort zone so they can discover and try new experimenting things. As part of this new dare, Grolsch makes the public in Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara face different situations conceived to increase their interest on experimenting.

We want to challenge people to think different, beyond conventional and trying to reach and even go beyond their imagination limits. We are creating the context, offer new experiences and try to guide them through the activations we proposed so that, in the end, consumers would become experimenters and to get to express themselves in an unknown way for them until now

Andrei Lascut

Brand Manager Grolsch

The question used by Grolsch to dare people is “What if..?” and, by running a series of experiments in Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara, general public is invited to answer the question launched by the brand.

Creative recycling, drawing, music and photography are the dares for Bucharest, while people from Cluj and Timisoara will have the possibility to experiment an ambulant play performed in a bus.

Grolsch is a premium brand, with origins in Netherlands. With over 400 years history, Grolsch is a brand that targets young non-conformist people, attracted by contemporary art and experimental activities.