Live Inspire competition conclusion: Romanians are inspired

Business, Creativity

Intesa SanPaolo’s competition Live Inspire concluded that Romanians are inspired and announced that the banner generated by Internet users that entered the photo contest initiated by the group has a length of 56,000 cm or over a half kilometer of inspiration, formed from thousands of photos gathered from 11 different countries during 60 days.

Over 6,000 users joined Live Inspire contest, initiated by Intesa Sanpaolo Group through its local branch Intesa Sanpaolo Bank. The contest supports the new debit card Visa Inspire, soon to be launched in Romania. The card can be used for free draws at over 9,000 ATMs from bank’s subsidiaries in 12 countries.

The 1st half kilometer of inspiration was marked up by Intesa Sanpaolo Group through a video published on bank’s official Live Inspired YouTube channel.

Launched in May, the contest lasts until July 31st and aims to attract Internet users with an unusual dare: creating the longer banner in the world to answer the question: “What inspires you today? Get beyond your limits!”, in a normal drive to promote inspiration as a normal thing for everyone’s day to day life, with no constraints or bareers.

The banner illustrates what inspiration means for contest’s participants and the main themes are nature – with sunrises and sundowns, flowers and animals – than people – with subjects like friendship, love, empathy, self-portraits and travels.

The contest will run for couple more weeks and, in the end, a qualified jury will chose a winning photo per country (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Egypt). The winning photo will be chosen from the 5 most voted ones in each country and the winners will receive as a prize an exclusive 6 days holidays for 3 in the north Italy, where the headquarters of Intesa Sanpaolo is.