Praktiker and Leo Burnett help you to afford stuff, even with small incomes

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“Praktiker. You can afford it even with small income” is the new campaign launched by Leo Burnett and Praktiker Romania. The ad campaign aims to inform consumers about new price offer in Praktiker stores network and started at the end of July, with a series of TV ads, promo materials and outdoor executions.

The agency chose a kinder garden teacher, a secretary and a driver, the 1st characters designated to send campaign’s messages. Through the campaign, Praktiker targets all DYI consumers, understand their needs and supports them in their efforts, offering them the best solutions. Starting from Praktiker initiative to reposition the prices, the idea behind the campaign brings in the spotlight ordinary people that, although they have small incomes, manage with Praktiker to buy the products they need for their homes or gardens.

I wouldn’t say this Praktiker campaign is positioning Praktiker as a provider of small prices products, but rather that it is a campaign that sets right the reality on the market.Yes,  Praktiker was and is a place where Romanians can afford to buy, even if they aren’t among the lucky ones that have a lot of moeny

Carmen Tiderle

Creative Director Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett & Target team working on the campaign included Carmen Tiderle – Creative Director, Tudor Cuciuc – Creative Director, Andrei Munteanu – Copywriter, Victor Oprișan – Art Director, Irina Carbunescu, Strategic Planner, Ana-Maria Patrut – Brand Communication Manager, Razvan Giurcaneanu – AV Producer, Alexandra Cantor – Brand Communication Director.

From Praktiker Romania, the involved team included Mirela Ochiana – Marketing Manager and Ioan Melania – Advertising Specialist.

As far as AdHugger’s info go, the PR for Praktiker is handled, on Romanian market, by GolinHarris.