Red Apple got a new identity, signed by Voshod

Branding, Creativity

Voshod created the new corporate identity for Red Apple – Moscow International Advertising and Marketing Festival.

The agency created the new identity around the fact that the festival is an Euro-Asian forum – a place where people meet, communicate, find and make friends, meet like-minded person and future partners. The new identity focuses on the fact that the festival is a place for people that aren’t indifferent to advertising.

The Organizing Committee of  Red Apple  invited Voshod to create its new identity as the agency was designated “the most creative agency of the year” according to RACA Creativity’s Rating.

According to Vladislav Derevyanih, Art Director Voshod, the agency chose the brown bear and the panda as symbols of Europe and Asia and underlined the fact that Red Apple offer them the opportunity to cooperate, which is the main idea of Euro-Asian forum.

Red Apple also has a new slogan – “Exchange ideas, change the world”

The team from Voshod that created the new identity for Red Apple festival includes Andrey Gubajdulin – CEO, Vladislav Derevyannih – Art-director / Designer, Dmitry Maslakov – Deputy Art-director, Yana Ahmetshina – concept, Aleksandr Parhomenko, Anton Kotovsky & Ivan Sajin – copywriters, Vyacheslav Borysenko – Producer and Kirill Fedotov – Photographer