Tetra Pak and some of BBDO Romania’s agencies developed a campaign promoting milk

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Tetra Pak and BBDO Romania’s agencies – Graffiti PR, Kaleidoscope Proximity and Media Direction – developed the “Yes, Milk!” campaign, that brings a new approach about milk. Running under the slogan “Milk is anyways the best!”, the campaign starts from personal stories of some public figures and communicates benefits of milk for health and aims to increase the consumption frequency.

In Romania, milk consumption is very low, we are in second last place in Europe, according to Euromonitor 2011; we wanted to have, this year, a different approach, to promote milk’s benefits somehow different, more efficient

Cristina Dumitru

Communication and Environment Manager Tetra Pak Romania & Moldavia

Milk, dairy products and their benefits were constantly in public’s attention. After this supported communication effort from the industry, we decided it is the moment to invite consumers to rediscover the relationship they have with milk and to share with us their experiences. We knew milk is part of a very personal moment for each of us, a little ritual we don’t usually talk about. Our intention was to put in the spotlight this universe of very diverse preferences, related to consumption rituals. That is why we start from a simple choice: how do you prefer to drink the milk, warm or cold? and we built a platform in which to gather consumers’ “milk moments”

Mircea Tomescu

Managing Director Graffiti PR

Graffiti PR is the brand and PR agency for Tetra Pak.

During the 1st stage of the campaign (that runs between June and August), Dani Otil and Razvan Simion, Romanian TV hosts and milk fans, are sharing their moments and preferences. The 2 TV stars present their testimonials on campaign’s website, www.dalapte.ro, and added their preferences and own thoughts about milk in “Inspire” section.

We answer to the challenge to make another type of campaign about milk, no matter we prefer it warm or cold, in which each of us can find himself, can find new consumption reasons and remember milk’s benefits for health. From creative point of view, the campaign was tailored to attract the target public both offline and online, to convince milk fans to share their preferences with the others and to participate to different polls and contests on the dedicated website and on the Facebook page

Cristian Pantazi

Managing Director & Creative Director, Kaleidoscope Proximity.

 “Yes, Milk” is for sure a case study to remember as an example of efficient integrated communication. It is a project that shows that an online-TV mix reaches the established objectives, if it is well thought and attentively implemented. The results until now show that the project team is a solid one, although it includes 3 companies, specialized in PR, Digital and Media. This kind of projects must draw the development lines in our communication

Roxana Panturoiu

Client Service Director Media Direction.

Until now, campaign’s website attracted over 34,000 unique visitors; from those,  10,936 entered the 1st contest and 420 wanted to share with the rest their “milk” moments.

The campaign runs between June – December 2012 and is supported by a communication mix that includes PR, special projects, OOH, TV, print, online & social media. Also, the campaign is supported by specialists such as Mihaela Bilic, MD specialized in diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases, and Serban Damian, family MD and specialist in nutrition accredited by CIO. Moreover, the campaign benefits of support from 5 milk brands that use Tetra Pak processing and packaging technology.

The campaigns involved in the campaign are:

Graffiti PR: Diana Nițulescu (Senior Consultant), Ileana Ghita (Digital media specialist), Iulia Botar (Junior PR Specialist), Roxana Mihalache (Communication Director) and Mircea Tomescu (Managing Director)

Kaleidoscope Proximity: Cristian Pantazi (Managing Director), Miruna Ocnarescu (Client Service Director), Angelica Crangasu (Account Executive), Sorin Liurea (Senior Copywriter), Mircea Sinpetru (Art Director), Ioana Hurjui (Copywriter), Csaba Nacu (Art Director), Radu Ciocan (Front-End Developer), Mihai Cojan (Back-End Developer), Vlad Ciocan (Director of Interactive).

Media Direction: Oana Padure (Managing Director), Roxana Panturoiu (Client Service Director), Oana Stoenescu (Group Account Director), Cristina Cristea (Media Buying Director), Dan Balasoiu (OOH Manager), Alina Moldovan (Online Strategic Thinker) and Gabriel Patru (Integrated Communications Manager).


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