Romanian state TV changed the members of its Board of Directors


The Administration Council at Romanian State TV (TVR) approved, during a session, the change of the members part of the Board of Directors. The decision was made following a proposal made coming from Claudiu Saftoiu, president general manager of the state TV, and that took in consideration the activity reports from directors in the Board for the last 6 months.

The new Board of Directors will act ad interim and will run its activity for a max term of 60 working days. The decision was taken with 9 votes in favor, while 4 members abstained from voting.

Following the decision, the old members in Board of Directors were revoked. The new interim Board includes the directors of Finances-Accountability department, TVR3 Department, Informative and Sports Programs Direction, Development-Maintenance Department, Entertainment Department and TVR International Department.

TVR needs, for the near future, a new Board to implement the economic rebound plan for TVR, that was set up to take in consideration the Emergency Ordinance 33/27 June 2012.

As part of the economic rebound plan for TVR, the Administration Council of Romanian state TV decided to cancel all vacancies existent within TVR by August 15th and to also cancel  any vacancies that appear after this date.