Headbanging rockers promoting Duraziv paint, 1st Romanian viral with over 1M views on YouTube

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The head-banging rockers’ video made by Romanian advertising agency to promote Duraziv paint is the 1st Romanian viral that reached over 1M views on YouTube. Also, the video was seen by other over 4.4M people on YouTube after it was was integrated in a clip review on Ray William Johnson YouTube Channel and presented and commented by Jason Biggs, the American Pie star.

The low budget commercial video in which a few rockers are painting the walls in their student residence room by using paint on their hair and head-banging on metal music was made by Propaganda and had over 1M views on YouTube, on the original upload.

Propaganda made and posted on YouTube the video in the same time with launching Duraziv’s TV ad. The idea was to make a funny demonstration, starting from the main benefit of the paint, the fact it is ecologic and less damaging for the body compared to other paints on the market, as Duraziv Fara Miros (Duraziv without smell) being the only ecologic certified paint in Romania.

What does an eco paint mean? It doesn’t attack hands or lungs and not even the hair. This is how we got to rockers, a category of people that love their hair very much. If they trust to put Duraziv Fara Miros on their hair, than the paint is “healthy” for sure. Moreover, they also have an excellent method of applying the paint, by headbanging

Dragoș Musat

Online Creative & Producer Propaganda

The video got viral very fast and reached, in total, to over 6M views (counting both the views for the original upload, the views on Ray William Johnson YouTube Channel and the views on different other online accounts).

The amusing part is that some guys from America saw the spot is successful and took it over, pretending it is theirs and even stared make profit from it, through commercials. Google  YouTube stopped the clip posted by Propaganda but, after we proved it is our production, the problem was solved

Bogdan Moraru

Creative Director Propaganda

The ad was also posted on a number of blogs and Facebook pages, gathering hundreds of comments.

Propaganda made, for Duraziv Fara Miros – the only eco-certified paint in Romania -, a campaign that communicates the main benefit of the product: it covers well, with no problems. The campaign includes a 30 seconds TV ad, 2 radio ads (30 seconds each), POSM and video banners. The TV ad is directed by Radu Jude.

Propaganda team working on the campaign included Dan Stanescu (Head of Copy), Alex Macsoda (Art Director), Bogdan Moraru (Creative Director), Mihai Preotu (Strategic Planner), Sonia Panait (Strategic Planning Co-Director), Mihaela Giurca (Head of Project Management), Marcela Moldovan (AV Producer), Alexandra Postoaca (Media Manager) and Svetlana Bulacu (Media Director).

Propaganda team responsible for the viral video included Dragos Musat – Online Creative & Producer (director), Dan Kosuth (image and production), Octavian Rachita, Vlad Iliescu and Adrian Iliescu (computer animation).


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