Infographic: Experimentalist Canvas from Experience Hotel

Digital & Media

Grolsch Experimentalist platform was reinvented, in spring, with a new and creative campaign – Experience Hotel. 4 Romanian advertising and PR agencies put together their expertise for this campaign, setting up a creative space, away from the outside world and beyond the limits of time.

The result was then presented on Grolsch Youtube Channel, in an one hour documentary about the experiences and stories of the 14 people involved in the project. Furthermore, the campaign continued digitally with Experimentalist Canvas, a Facebook app where people were able to express their creativity just the same as it happened within Experience Hotel.

Mixing pop science techniques, the experimentalists were given random periods of time to complete their creative artwork. The best result where layered in a cool and Grolsch style infographic. Whilst the Facebook app was online for one month, the infographic can be seen in a static tab for a longer period.

The app was viewed by over 2,400 people, with 289 of them actually making 614 drawings in 11 days. Men (51%) were more attracted than women (49%) by this online experiment. The biggest number of participants came from Bucharest (75% of total), followed by Cluj (7.5%) and Timisoara (6.7%).