Bitdefender partners with Fredo&Pid’jin comics website

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Bitdefender, leader on Romanian anti-virus solutions market, launched an advertising experimental partnership with Romanian comics website Fredo&Pid’jin.

The partnership with the Romanian comics website offers Bitdefender long term exposure to an audience that is interested in tech and that already reached over 3M people worldwide. Almost 70% of  Fredo&Pid’jin’s public comes from US and Canada, with Romanian visitors of the website representing just 5%.

It is an approach very customized and very flexible to promote a brand, different from the standard campaigns model. We think we managed to balance in a pleasant way the problem of monetizing and maintaining the creative integrity

Eugen Erhan

co-founder Fredo&Pid’jin.

Bitdefender is the best antivirus exactly because we continue to innovate, we are always looking for something better and we are trying everything that’s new. The association between an internet security producer and a web-comic is a 1st for both industries and offers us the opportunity to communicate in a non-conventional form to a specialized and technical audience

Catalin Cosoi

Chief Security Researcher Bitdefender

The authors of Fredo &Pid’jin comics say that the change from the traditional advertising towards a more simple and elegant form of promotion has the chance to improve readers experience, as standard banners are replaced by customized drawings, matching website’s visual style.

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