Brandient rebranded Romanian office supplier RTC


Brandient rebranded Romanian office supplier RTC, by conceptualizing the new brand platform and designing the new visual identity.

Oresa Ventures acquired RTC at the end of 2011 and wanted to infuse the brand with new vision and organizational spirit.

The need for a new brand identity and for internal engagement programs was driven by the main objective of regaining leadership in reputation and improving internal efficiency in order to better serve the customer.

Brandient proposed a sustainable and relevant brand idea that revolved around the RTC’s main competitive advantage, promising full-range, smoother, easier servicing for the clients. The new brand slogan – “Have a good day at the office!” – would infuse the organization with a strongly assumed customer driven behavior.

Written in a small but sure cap and framed in a simple and clear form, the logo talks about the way RTC makes the clients’ life easier; the wide portfolio is suggested by the colon that is a visual metaphor for a potentially infinite range of products.

Ciprian Badalan

Senior Designer Brandient

The new visual territory and rhetorics were applied on main communication vectors while the brand experience was strengthened through several brand engagement sessions with top and middle management. RTC rebranding case study is available here.