4 Romanian bloggers to move in a new house, in a campaign previewing the new IKEA catalogue

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Cristina MaziluCristina BazavanAndressa and Augustin Radu are the 4 Romanian bloggers involved in a campaign launch by IKEA as a preview to the new IKEA catalogue for Romania.

The bloggers will move in a new apartment for a week, a period during which they can do anything with the house. They will receive the apartment with basic furniture and they have the mission to make it “theirs” by filling it in with IKEA products – from dishes to shelves, curtains, chairs, pillows, mirrors, tables, lamps and so on

As Cristina Mazilu says in a post previewing the campaign, she already put her eyes on the armchair on IKEA 2013 catalogue’s cover, that she says it might become her favorite place in the house.
At her turn, Andressa announces she moves in a new house, promising she would create, following IKEA’s challenge, the perfect house, with her favorite colors and objects she likes the most. Also, she will present the house to her friends during a house warming party
Cristina Bazavan also said yes to IKEA’s challenge, promising the experiment will also show some of each blogger’s personality, as reflected in arranging a home.

IKEA’s campaign comes with the launch of the new catalogue, that bears the tag-line “Give a new life to your house”. The catalogue is distributed freely in Bucharest, Ploiesti and areas around Romanian capital and can be obtained for free in any store.

As a 1st for Romania this year, IKEA launches, along with the new catalogue, a version for Android and iOS and a loyality program for its clients, IKEA Family – a card that offers discounts for “IKEA Family” branded products, coffee and tea for free in its own restaurant and other advantages.

The new campaign comes after IKEA ran, last year, a campaign awarding the smallest living places.

2013 IKEA catalogue was launched on August 14th, has 328 pages and has a total of 950,000 copies to be distributed for free in Bucharest and surrounding towns, between August 20 – September 10.

Compared to previous catalogues, the one for 2013 has a structure inspired by home daily life of ordinary people. The catalogue is structured on the activities one does at home, not on rooms.

Some houses don’t have more than one room. This room represents both the place you eat and the one you work or you sleep. So we went away from what defines a bedroom or a living room and we focused on ideas like sleeping, organizing, cooking or relaxing. This way, inspiration is easier than ever

Mihaela Muresan

Marketing Manager IKEA Romania.

The 1st half of the catalogue is divided in 7 categories: Find easy!, Sleep Tight!, Don’t forget about yourself!, Cook with pleasure!, Have a nice meal!, Good work!, Leave all your cares away!. The 2nd part presents readers extended ranges of products for a better comparison of styles and prices.


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