Agrafa Print launched the most complex website from Romanian typographic industry

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Agrafa Print Services, entirely owned Romanian company specialized in digital printing and with over 8 years of activity historu, launched the newest and most complex website from Romanian typographic history,

Following enriching its portfolio of products and expanding the printing and customization services, Agrafa Print relaunched its website, transforming it in the most complex website in Romanian typographical history that follows trends and concepts promoted by the biggest international ad production companies and the development of the local market.

We are working on this project for over 6 months and the launch is just a 1st stage of the entire plan to develop the online platform. In the near future, aside from the new products and services, we will also integrate a part of the production processes and other apps that come to help companies that ask for Agrafa Print’s services

Mihai Baciu

Managing Director Agrafa Print

The new website is characterized through simplicity and usefulness, organizing the menus under a very accessible structure. Each service or product the company is offering is presented in detail, from tech specifications, suggestions and relevant tips for making an efficient promotion, or obtaining unique and impact-full material and products to information on payments, delivery, execution terms and the possibility to make the order. To all these, a rich and representative image gallery is added, along with easy to download templates, tutorial videos and many other options.

During a separate website’s section, Agrafa Print presents, with text and images, details from the events it was involved during the time, media clippings, audio and video clips, an archive with its press releases and many others. The new website also includes a blog section, conceived for better communicating the most interesting achievements, the novelties in the industry and others.