Ascend NetSolutions made a food home delivery app for mobiles

ITC, Mobile

Ascend NetSolutions made Pizzicato app, an app downloaded for over 500 times on iOS and Android mobile devices in less than a month since launch. Pizzicato can be downloaded for free and is  the most intuitive and fast app from “home delivery” segment dedicated to smartphones and tablets users.

The increasing number of downloads reflect, daily, through a higher and higher number of orders made through the app.

The app was made in partnership with Gargantua restaurant and offers a modern and intelligent alternative to make orders. As it is a free app that proposes a new approach for “home delivery” segment in Romania, we estimate that all Bucharest inhabitants that have an Androind or iOS smartphone will have the app installed. The app offers a maximum mobility to all that want to order culinary products at home or at the office

Cornelia Lazar

Project Manager Ascend NetSolutions.

The app allows fast order for products in Pizzicato offer, which include pizza, salads, pasta, menus or deserts. After placing an order, the consumer is called by a Pizzicato operator that will confirm the delivering time.

Together with the app, there was also developed a website,, offering the possibility to order the same products online.