Propaganda, promoting UnderCloud independent theater festival for 2nd year in a row


Romanian independent advertising agency Propaganda joined UnderCloud team for the 2nd year in a row, helping promoting the independent theater festival, a project that rached its 5th edition and is already a tradition in Bucharest’s cultural world.

For this edition of the event, Propaganda came up with a sequel of the campaign started in 2011, that defined the visual identity of the project and its logo on all communication materials (poster, flyer, spider, online banners). The creative ideas came this year too from the same positioning – “Theater as in real life” -, as the independent theater is a modern form to express emotions inspired by everyday’s reality.

The cliche is that the agency wants to be daring and shiny and the client, afraid, prefers to stay on the already known path, a nice and boring but safer one. When it comes of UnderCloud project, we had the luck to be supported in doing the things in a different manner. We were on the same note with people from UnderCloud that, promoting another kind of theater, wished the same as we did: another kind of campaign. This way, last year’s campaign was born, with the peak being the launch of the 1st theater play on Facebook, and will continue this year with many beautiful actions. Of course, we were very happy and proud of the results (especially as we were awarded for last year’s campaign at Golden Drum and Ad’Or) and we started with the same enthusiasm to work on the project this year also

Corina Iovan

Strategic Planning Director Propaganda.

UnderCloud takes place between September 3rd-13th, in Bucharest.

Propaganda is a Romanian independent advertising agency, founded in 2002. It offers its clients integrated communication services, from brand strategy and creation to production or development and implementation. Propaganda has 5 separate divisions: ATL, branding – Propaganda Brand New, BTL – Propaganda Live, digital – Propaganda Sci-Fi and  media – Propaganda Wave. Over the time and due to the approach used in its campaigns, Propaganda won multiple national and international awards, over 50 trophies for creativity and efficiency, from which 11 Effies.