UPC Romania’s Tech School camp becomes innovation incubator

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Twenty of the most inventive kids and young people that entered projects on the www.techschool.ro platform were offered an unique experience during Tech School camp, organized by UPC Romania. The camp offered young people the opportunity to meet their mentors and to be attend interesting workshops, demonstrations and scientific experiments.

Camp’s challenge was to build and program robots and Tech School’s visionary in robotics Alin Jderu supported the participants during the entire period. Divided in 4 teams, they raced in building different types of robots, with complex functions, guided by Inventeaza.ro specialists’ advises. In the end, the team presented the projects they made with live demos, presentation, logos, slogans and movies that impressed the members of the jury.

Tech School camp reached and went beyond its objectives. We brought these young tech passioned people and mentors that inspire them. We managed to make every day more interesting than the previous one and to increase the enthusiasm of these children, that impressed all of us through their openness, seriosity and knowledge. We are happy we offered a special experience for these kids, that confirmed us, one more time, that a project like Tech School camp was needed

Ariana Badin

Communication, Marketing & PR Director UPC Romania

A detailed journal of the camp – including kids stories and impressions, contest images and videos from every day – is available here.

To participate to the camp, kids entered their projects ideas on TechSchool.ro. From the total of 250 project ideas, the jury selected the best 20

Tech School continues to inspire young people with passion for technology, that want to change the world with their ideas. More details about TechSchool and the campaign promoting it are available here.

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