UPDATED: Bergenbier – a new commercial

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Bergenbier launched a new and funny commercials, that replace the usual curses and rude words used by man when they are expressing their feelings during a football games with unusual, unexpected and funny words.

The ad is part of new Bergenbier’s campaign for its partnership with Romanian Football League 1. The campaign is signed by Leo Burnett Romania and runs between September 10th – November 8th, bringing forward the tradition of Bergenbier-football relationship.

A TV ad, POS materials and a special promotion taking Un spot TV, materiale clasice la punctele de vânzare și o promoție specială desfășurată pe Facebook (dezvoltată de iLeo, agenția de publicitate digitală a grupului Leo Burnett) sunt principalele componente ale campaniei.

Reached to the 4th campaign through OBR (Romanian Beer Organization and also Romanian acronym for A Beer – O BeRe – n.r), this autumn we want to bring a smile on faces of those that understand football is a passion that consumes us all, no matter the age or place we are at. And, as Bergenier is “Romanian football beer”, it will always be close to football fans, no matter the score on the game board. To make smiles even bigger, the app developed on Facebook especially for Romanian League 1 will bring to them, every week, real supporter awards. All they need to do is to drink a Bergenbier

Marko Njavro

Marketing Director Bergenbier SA.

With the tone already characteristic to men’s beer, the TV add shows some of them living the passion for football as they know the best. The colorful language was replaced with funny euphemisms, so the ad won’t be censored but keep the taste for the Romanian man, that sees himself in funny scenes

Irina Becher

Copywriter Leo Burnett.

The teams working on this campaign included

Leo Burnett&Target: Carmen Tiderle (Creative Director), Irina Becher (Copywriter,) Florina Moisi (Art Director), Angela Teodorescu (Account Manager), Alexandra Patarlageanu (Account Executive) and Petronela Ionescu (Account Director).

iLeo: Mugur Pastrascu (Managing Partner) and Anda Lazăr (Account Director).

Bergenbier: Marko Njavro (Marketing Director), Radu Dumitrescu (Senior Brand Manager) and Mihai Mihaescu (Junior Brand Manager).

The director of the ad is the Argentinian director Tano Celentano, with Family Film as a production house.

 Leo Burnett&Target and iLeo are part of Leo Burnett Group Romania, that also includes Starcom MediaVest, The Practice, 23 Communication Ideas, Digital Star, The Geeks and 2 Parale.

The Romanian group celebrates 18 years of activity this year. In 1994, Ioana and Stefan Iordache were founding Target Advertising, that, in less than a year, became the local representative of the international Leo Burnett, global advertising agency with over 285 offices in 85 markets.  Started with a team made up initially from 3 people, the agency got its 1st multi-national client – P&G -, a relationship that continues successful also in present. In less than 10 years, the small agency increased its employees numbers 10 folds and won its 1st international prize at Golden Drum. After 18 years on Romanian market, Leo Burnett Romania was the place where over 1,000 ad people worked, learned, came up with ideas, confirmed expectations and grew up. Leo Burnett Romania worked, along the time, with over 300 local and international brands, most of them leaders in their activity segments.