How to make public transportation cooler? Midttrafik knows how.

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The commercial was made in collaboration between by Midttrafik, Thomas Falkenberg and M2Film.

The campaign was made after a study showed that young Danes (aged 18-34y.o) consider that buses must be cooler because they aren’t that attractive. Also, they think the buses and services must be more lasting and modern and travelling collectively should be more fashionable. As a consequence, Midttrafik took steps to transform buses and public transportation in a more appealing product, including by launching a new Facebook page where it can interact with the public and receive suggestions on how buses and adjacent services can be improved. Also, Midttrafik launched a campaign featuring a commercial to show another face of bus travelling, with it to be shown in cinemas and regional Central Jutland TV channels and over the Internet.

According to Mette Julbo, Deputy Director Midttrafik, there’s a trend with people considering public transportation and buses not attractive and measures must be taken, as young people and adults are the ones that set standards for family travel behavior and attitude towards public transportation.

Midttrafick responsibles say that the new ad shakes the dust off bus travelling, as the product is good and its bad image isn’t totally deserved. The commercial aims to put the bus in a new light, as a fun place, where travelling in groups might prove exciting .

The producers of the ad are Ronni Madsen and Jan P., with Mark Wilkins – Director and Jeppe Bødskov – editor. Involved in making the campaign are Midttrafik Kommunikation & Thomas Falkenberg, while the client is Midttrafik.

Later edit: We spotted this one right in September as it got Epica D’or in Film at Epica Awards this year. See the festival case here.