Forbes Romania will cease appearing on Romanian market


Business magazine Forbes Romania, licence of international Forbes, launched by Adevarul Holding in March 2009, will cease appearance on Romanian market, PaginadeMedia informs. The announcement related to the closure of the magazine was just made, shortly before Forbes 500 Millionaires top was to appear on the market, on October 17th.

Forbes Romania’s closure comes in a period during which Cristian Burci is making the last steps in taking over Adevarul Holding from Dinu Patriciu. According to info received by, the closure of Forbes Romania will be followed by layoffs in Adevarul Holding’s team.

Forbes entered the Romanian market in 2009, with the 1st initiatives in this direction dating back in 2005, when the idea to have in Romania the famous business magazine came to Adriana Halpert and Stefan Onica, working back than for Capital. They found out who was handling the international licences for Forbes, corresponded over email and, in 2006, went to New York and tried their luck with the American editor.

During the meeting, the 2 were asked to  make a business plan and find an investor. In 2006’s spring, Halpert and Onica resign from Capital and go to Adevarul, back then owned by Ana Maria Tinu and bought by Dinu Patriciu 8 months later.

Halpert and Onica didn’t discuss anymore with Forbes representatives, but their idea was taken over and explored in 2008 by Adevarul Holding management, group coordinated back than by Razvan Corneteanu. The management negociated and closed the contract.