“Our Tower” – Pepsi Refresh Romania winning project, ready for inauguration

CSR, Marketing

“Our Tower”, the project designated winner within Pepsi Refresh Romania national idea contest, was finalized and is to be inaugurated on 28 September.

“Our Tower” is an urban revitalization initiative that aims to become a symbol in Iasi (town in NE Romania) and a symbol of civic involvement.

Pepsi supported the project involvement with $20,000. The project aimed to reinvent a water reservoir close to Iasi train station and was developed by a team of young professionals from domains such as architecture, constructions, engineering and ecology.

The theme of Pepsi Refresh competition, launched in September 2011, was “Refresh the urban life”

During the works at the tower, it was consolidated, painted and its surface was covered with a mural painting. The tower is now lighten, with its lights being used to also illuminate a passers by passage.