Radu Florescu, reelected president EACA for 2nd year in a row


Radu Florescu, president Romanian Advertising Agencies Association (RAAA) and CEO Centrade Saatchi & Saatchi, was reelected, for the 2nd year in the row, president of the EACA (European Association of Communication Agencies) Regional Committee  during the latest General Assembly of the association.

Radu Florescu will coordinate, for another year, the Regional EACA Committee for Central and Eastern Europe, that covers Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Lethonia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Slovak Republic.

My re-election as president of the Regional EACA Committee is honoring me and gives me the possibility to continue sustained efforts started last year, once with the 1st term. Most of the problems and uncertainty in the communication industry were preserved also in 2012. That is why changes must be treated prudently and in the context of a fluctuating market, that needs to adapt continuously to clients demands. Together with my EACA colleagues, I am convinced that we will fulfill all the objectives, that aim to facilitate the processes inside communication sector, at European level

Radu Florescu.

Radu Florescu, CEO Centrade Saatchi & Saatchi, is member of the Fulbright board, founding member of International Advertising Association. He also supports associations such as AIESEC, Asebuss, Junior Achievement and others. In the end of 2010, he was elected president of RAAA, where he is also founding member.