SpeakUp, a Facebook app to gather all Romanians’ dissatisfactions

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TechSoup Romania and Senior Interactive launched SpeakUp, a Facebook app to gather all Romanians’ dissatisfactions  where anyone can say where changes in Romania should start from.

The project was made within “ReStart România”, competition where are proposed, discussed and developed projects that promote using online resources and techs to solve social problems.

SpeakUp aims to be an online speaking trumpet to express dissatisfaction and is the 1st app that builds a map of Romanians’ dissatisfactions or, otherwise said, a real data base of subjects Romanians care about and want to change.

Accessing the app, one can say where he/she wants to start changing Romania, if it would be to chose one single option: renovated schools, more parks, build roads, pay doctors on the value of their work, access to education for everyone, online taxes services, transparency in spending public money, fight against discrimination.

The app proposes also concrete ways through which anyone can participate: enter ideas for online change on RestartRomania.ro, supporting activities of NGOs on Map4Good or learning how to build an own cause on SpeakUpNow.net.

“ReStart Romania” is a TechSoup Romania, supported with a financing from Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe and US Embassy in Bucharest. Partners are Microsoft Romania, Senior Interactive, Romanian-American Foundation. The campaign is supported by Gandul.info, mediafax.ro, Business Magazin, Decât o Revistă, Gazeta de Sud and ZeList Monitor.