Create Direct Romania launches Rewards Direct, a sales force simulation platform


Romanian agency Create Direct announced the launch of Rewards Direct, the only solution to motivate business sales force based on a platform created to simulate and reward companies’ sales departments and partners, through bonuses based on performances.

Rewards Direct, developed by  Create Direct, is a complex solution, based on points, flexible and easy to implement on different activity sectors. It aims to motivate the distribution channels, sales forces, own sales forces or resellers, employees and consumers, via loyalisation clubs. The points gathered based on realizations are allocated to a premium product, offering the involved ones the possibility to choose the desired award.

The Create Direct solution is based on a centralized online platform accessible both for clients and employees, partners or resellers, that receive points and have access to a virtual catalog where they can choose the prizes. The platform also offers a logistic part, a tax payment where is the case and an info line.

Rewards Direct is usable both online and offline.

The solution is already used by Holcim Romania, Microsoft Romania, TNT Post and Xerox LTD.