UPDATED: MRM Romania – Agency of the Year at Internetics 2012

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(adds info on prizes and statements related to them)

MRM Worldwide Romania claimed the Agency of the Year trophy at Internetics 2012 Gala, with 10 prizes for “Romanians are smart” campaign for ROM and “Manager SRL” for Vodafone. The 2 campaigns brought the agency a total of 13 prizes, including 2 special prizes (Web Design and Online Innovation) and Gold in Digitally Led Campaign. Previous to Internetics, Romanians are smart won 3 trophies in Cannes Lions Creativity Festival and 3 awards at New York Festival 2012.

The team that worked on Romanians are smart campaign is available here, while the team working on Manager SRL included Andrei Stefan (Online Product Manager), Iuliana Maratu (Brand Manager), Richard Ihuel (Brand Director), Laura Barbu (Online Director), Valentin Sulfideanu (Online Capabilities Manager) from Vodafone and Calin Buzea (Managing Director MRM Worldwide), Adrian Preda (Creative Director MRM Worldwide), Alina Tanase (Account Manager MRM Worldwide), Ana-Maria Bucovei (Account Executive MRM Worldwide), Bogdan Zavera (Head of Art MRM Worldwide), Paul Cioc (Copywriter MRM Worldwide), Dany Manea (Technical Leader, Web Developer MRM Worldwide), Dana Hogea (Group Account Director), Ruxandra Stanescu (Account Executive), Alexandru Aaron (Senior Copywriter), Andreea Bozoi (Digital Planner UM), Cristian David (Digital Ad Ops Specialist UM) from McCann WorldGroup Romania

Among the awarded agencies there were Draftfcb, GreenPixel, Hyperactive, Kubis Interactive, MRM Worldwide, McCann Romania, Propaganda, Publicis, Senior Interactive, The Geeks and Webstyler.

The jury offered in total 37 awards for online campaigns made for brands such as ROM, Vodafone, Fashion Days, Orange, Napolact, Timisoreana, Pegas, Dolce Sport, Grigore Antipa Museum, Baumax, Doncafe, Duraziv Odorless Paint, Communism History, Mitsubishi Outlander, Nivea and Ursus.

The biggest number of awards was won by Rom, for “Romanians are smart“, with 6 trophies

Also, Webstyler got 4 awards for 3 projects for clients such as Romtelecom, Baumax and Mitsubishi Romania.

We are happy we managed, again, to have a constant presence on Internetics posium, this being practically the 11th year among as many participations when we win trophies at this festival. This year, we were the only agency that had more than 2 works awarded, and this proves the potential of Webstyler team when it comes to delivering creative and efficient campaigns in diverse industries.

Each of the winning campaigns has something from Webstyler’s Forward Thinkers spirit. This way, for Baumax, that plays on a market defined by price, we managed to brong online the promotion “Discounts at moustache in an engaging and really memorable way, for Mitsubishi we managed to invent the interactive e-mail. The campaign closest to our DNA is See beyond limits, an innovative campaign, with spectacular results and that managed to go beyond Romania’s borders, generating a positive impact for Romania in the international press

Bogdan Nițu

General Manager Webstyler.

At its turn, The Geeks was 3 times awarded last night, for Antipa Museum and Doncafe.

The awarded projects are very dear to us. Doncafe community especially because it is one of the projects we started to build step by step even since we founded the agency and Antipa because there were a lot of efforts and passion so that the execution would be very good

Costin Radu

Managing Partner The Geeks.

Webvertiser of the Year was awarded by IAB Romania to P&G Romania, with the trophy handed to Ileana Cocias, Brand Operations Integration Manager  P&G, by Bogdan Nitu, IAB Romania Vice-President.

As one of the leaders of FMCG industry, millions of people in the entire world are influenced on daily basis by the ad campaigns of its brands, while other thousands of brands get inspired from the serious approach of each marketing initiative. This year, P&G established a bench-mark at local level when it comes of online advertising investments and dialogue with consumers in this medium. We hope this example will be followed, next year, by other brands and companies, because online isn’t anymore a “nice-to-have” but a “must have”

Bogdan Nițu,

Vice-President IAB Romania.

Also during last night’s Gala, Romanian media agency Starcom MediaVest (Leo Burnett) awarded the special prize for Human Experience Design, for the campaign “Neam Saturat).

The reasoning for launching this campaign was explained by campaign’s initiator, Robert Soparlache: “I wanted to show everyone close to me that one can generate a campaign with a piece of cardboard. Or even less than that. To make people curious and eager to interact. To make them Share. To say what bothers me in an intelligent and funny way so that people close to me to pass it forward. Or at least to smile. Even a bitter smile.”

“Neam Saturat” managed to create an experience quantified in thousand of Likes and Shares, in hundreds of pictures, in engagement rates, in articles on tens of blogs, memorable spoofs and, maybe more important than anything, in a steep realization of a common voice (…) impossible to easily ignore. For those reasons, we considered that this campaign represents a real experience The human experience design, and we awarded the prize to Robert Soparlache and Cosmina Ivanov, but also to all those that made photos with a cardboard during this exceptional campaign

Alexandra Iavorschi

Managing Director Starcom MediaVest.

The special prizes awarded during gala were

  • Web Design Award: “Manager SRL” for Vodafone


  • Best Newcomer: Draftfcb
  • Online Innovation: Romanians are smart for Rom

  • Human Experience Design: “NEAM Saturat” (word game, can mean both We’re tired of or Fed up Nation, depending on spelling)
  • Best supporter for mobile or TV apps award: Samsung Romania
  • Webvertiser of the Year: awarded by IAB Romania to P&G Romania
  • Most Creative Client of the Year: Ursus Breweries.

All awarded agencies thanked for the trophies and also mentioned the accolades were possible as an effort of team work and collaboration with their respective clients.

Internetics 2012 attracted 160 works and 40 participants in the 4 competitional categories.

Full list of winners:

Category: Websites, micro-sites and promotional blogs 

Section: FMCG – Food

  • Winner: “Romanians are smart” from MRM Worldwide & McCann Romania for Rom brand, client Kandia Dulce

Section: FMCG – drinks

  • Winner: Timisoreana Virtual Cup from GreenPixel for Timisoreana beer brand, client Ursus Breweries


Section: FMCG – Non-Food


Section: Telecom 

  • Winner: Manager SRL from MRM Worldwide for Vodafone Business brand, client Vodafone

Section: Retail

  • Winner: Summer Days from GreenPixel for Fashion Days


Section: Art, culture, media and entertainment


Section: Charity, politics and public services

  •  Bronze: Manager SRL from MRM Worldwide for Vodafone Business
  • Silver: Romanians are smart from MRM Worldwide for Rom brand, client Kandia Dulce
  • Gold: Antipa Museum from The Geeks for Antipa Natural Museum

Category: Online Media and Tools

Viral Video


Viral Non Video

  • Winner: Romanians are smart from MRM Worldwide & McCann Romania for Kandia Dulce

Advertising Games

  • Winner: Manager SRL from MRM Worldwide for Vodafone Business

Rich Media

  • Winner: Mustalicious from Webstyler for Baumax


E-mail marketing for B2B, B2C,CRM

  • no winners

E-mail marketing for brand campaigns

  • Winner: Outlander Adventure from Webstyler for Mitsubishi Outlander brand, client Mitsubishi Romania


Social Media Campaigns

  • Winner: Romanians are smart from MRM Worldwide & McCann Romania for Rom, client Kandia Dulce

Best Community

  • Winner: Doncafe Facebook Page from The Geeks for Doncafe brand, client Strauss Romania


Online campaigns involving blogs

  • Winner: Summer Days from GreenPixel for Fashion Days Romania

Digital Branded Content

  • no winner

Mobile Campaigns

Mobile apps

  • Winner: Orange Graffiti Explorer from  Hyperactive for  Orange Romania


Interactive Campaigns 

Section FMCG- Food

Section: FMCG- Drinks

  • Winner: Timisoreana Virtual Cup from GreenPixel for Timisoreana brand, Ursus Breweries

Section: Art, culture, media and entertainment 

  • Winner: Ursus Evolution from Kubis Interactive and Publicis for Ursus Breweries
  • Bronze: Ursus Evolution  from Kubis Interactive and Publicis for Ursus Breweries

  •  Silver: Win a house on the hill, in Ardeal! from Senior Interactive for Napolact
  • Gold: Virtual Timisoreana Cup from GreenPixel for Ursus Breweries

Interactive Campaigns 

Section: FMCG – Food

  • Winner: Romanians are smart from MRM Worldwide for Rom and Kandia Dulce

Sections FMCG – Drinks and Non-Food

  • No winners

Section telecom

  • Winner: Manager SRL from MRM Worldwide for Vodafone Business

Section Durables:


Section: Art, culture, media and entertainment

  • Winner: See beyond the limits from Webstyler for Dolce Sport brand, clientRomtelecom
  • Bronze: See beyond the limits from Webstyler for Dolce Sport brand, clientRomtelecom

  • Silver: Relaunch of Pegas bike, Publicis for Pegas Workshops
  • Gold: Romanians are smart from MRM Worldwide for ROM, Kandia Dulce

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