Romanian GAV repositions as Content Accelerator

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Romanian advertising agency GAV, with 10 years of experience on Romanian advertising market, relaunched its website and announce a new positioning, Content Accelerator, soon after it won the Webstock Award for 2012 best viral and also claimed the 2nd place in the same section.

The new positioning – GAV. Content Accelerator – is unique in Romanian advertising industry.

After 2 decades of existence, the local advertising must be reinvented and its definition needs a fundamental revision. In ’90s, Romanian advertising professionals were obsessed by synchronizing with Occident and, in the last 10 years, became experts in packaging. Communicating without content doesn’t exist, no matter how shiny the packaging is. GAV is not “another type of advertising agency” or “a new digital agency” or a company freshly painted in the colors of the new communication platforms. We, at GAV, do what we know to do best: we create, we produce or we accelerate content, delivering it in any format, on any support, anywhere in the world. That is why we believe in viral as the ideal form of content that can be accelerated and propagated without the crutches of classic advertising. The awards we got at Webstock are a recognition of  Sector 7 creativity and a good news for today, when we launch the new

Lucian Georgescu

Managing Partner GAV.

Sector 7, that was awarded at Webstock 2012, is the entertainment brand owned by GAV and founded by John Riley, Head of Digital GAV. Since the beginning of this year, GAV ran a reconstruction process, becoming fully functional also on digital sector, including in what concerns development of viral content.

We believe with passion that there is public in Romania for fresh, original and intelligent humor, delivered online and with viral potential. In GAV, I found the perfect partner, that understands how digital works and that can accelerate our content through a correct strategy and an efficient viral delivery

John Riley

Head of Digital GAV

Founder&Creative Director Sector 7.

GAV will continue to produce Sector 7 virals, with 2 new launches already prepared. The exclusive media partner is, with YouTube used as secondary channel.

GAV is a Romanian independent agency that started its activity in 2003, together with the cultural marketing boutique balkanski, both founded by Lucian Georgescu. In 2007, GAV created and implemented the communication program Sibiu – European Cultural Capital 2007. Among agency’s clients there are Billa, Intersport, Longanesi, Mercedes-Benz Romania, New Look, Raiffeisen Leasing, TIFF, Vodafone, Yacht Club Regal Roman.

GAV is member of Interpartners Worldwide – the  Independent Advertising Agencies Network.