Oglivy Romania is using miracles in the newest campaign for Anim’Est

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Ogilvy Romania bets on miracles in the newest campaign for Anim’Est

Around 4 years ago, Anim’Est started working with Ogilvy. From that year’s edition, Anim’Est became a big festival. And it kept growing. Without Ogilvy, this growth would have been impossible. As we said before, Dani, Lore, Albert, Despina, Oana and Oana, Cristi and Cristi and all the others started a long time to be just our partners and friends. For us, they are part of the team. “Join the Miracle of Animation” campaign is the result of this team’s evolution. And “Two Shepards”  ad is, definitely, my favorite. Until now

Vlad Ilicevici

Festival director

The ad in center of “Join the Miracle of Animation” campaign was made together with Abis Studio and the Egyptian director Ali Ali.

Every summer, in our creative department, a miracle happens. This might seem a heated statement and it is, but that’s what I feel when Anim’Est brief comes. The miracle lasts already for 4 years, apart from the classical 3 days and I hope it will last endlessly. For us and for our friends from Anim’Est

Dani Macarie

Creative Director Ogilvy&Mather

Apart from Ogilvy team, the other teams working on this campaign included

  • Anim’Est: Vlad Ilicevici, Mihai Mitrica, Raluca Papanicoglu, Irina Draghici
  • MindShare: Oana Petroff, Gratiela Cenoiu, Mihai Visan, Ovidiu Aleman