Smartphone owners from Bucharest, able to call any cab with TaxiQ app


TaxiQ app, available for free in both Apple Store and Google Play Store, allows any people owning smartphones and living in Bucharest to call a cab communicating directly with the driver, in a fast and intelligent manner, anywhere in Romania’s capital.

TaxiQ is easy to use both for taxi’s users and drivers. Moreover, taxi drivers have at discretion a smartphone terminal to take the orders, which is a first in Romania.

After the initial registration within the app, the client is automatically localized through the GPS sensor of his smartphone and see immediately the available cabs in his area, localized also through GPS.  Using the “Search TaxiQ” button, the client launches the search for available drivers and can chose of a list presenting the closest cabs.

The user is the one that chose the cab he wants, based on listed info such as driver’s identity (name and photo), distance, fee and taxi company, but also driver’s rating.

When a client chooses a cab via TaxiQ, he receives in 45 seconds an answer on order being accepted and the time the car needs to reach to the passenger.

TaxiQ is the 1st independent app for cab orders in Romania and has its own infrastructure, with smartphone terminals for cab drivers. TaxiQ offers any taxi driver or cab company to have access to an alternative orders system to increase the number of clients.

For now, around 100 cabs in Bucharest have TaxiQ dedicated terminals  that take orders. Their number is likely to grow, as TaxiQ intends to cover up too 10% of the licenced cabs that are servicing the Romanian capital, aka 1,000 cars.

TaxiQ  is developed by the same team that made NORC Street view services ( and and is, for now, available just for Bucharest.