Discovery Channel and Vodafone, to award interesting stories about family businesses

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Discovery Channel and Vodafone Romania are searching, between October 3rd – 23rd, the most interesting story of an authentic Romanian family business. In this purpose, the people that own a family business can access a special Facebook app and write their their story.

The winning story will be selected by public vote, expressed on Facebook, within the same app, between October 18th – 23rd. The winner will receive a complete business solution – a Vodafone Office Complet subscription for free, for a year – and a 2 minutes documentary that will run on Discovery Channel in Romania. Moreover, each Vodafone client that enters its family business story in the app will get a 3 months discount for the Vodafone Business subscription (within Euro 100 limit).

Family Business campaign is a common project of the 2 companies, based on Discovery programs on family business like American Choper and Vodafone’s desire to support people that lead, from one generation to another, a family business.