A new 100% natural products brand, “Ana are” – launched on Romanian market

Branding, Business

“Ana are” (Ana has – n.r.) , a 100% natural product brand, was launched on Romanian market by Daniel Guzu, founder of 2 other important Romanian businesses – Fabryo and Duraziv – and owner of vineyard and orchard domain Casa Panciu.

The new brand will include gems and juices made only with natural elements, with no additives or sweeteners. When it comes to gems, sugar was replaced with apple juice.

I wish that all businesses I develop now to have respect for nature and to eliminate the industrial damaging effects. I implemented environmental protection since my first years of entrepreneurship and, a few years ago, when I started investing in agriculture, this eco theme became a main preoccupation for me (…)

The launch of this brand is the result of work and sustained investments during the last couple years. This is a business that attracted funds, including European ones, but, for me, is a passion and a bet (…)

Daniel Guzu.