Image refresh for Zorile Store, signed by Storience

Branding, Business, e-Commerce

Online sports fashion store Zorile Store  refreshed its image, with Romanian branding agency Storience responsible for the new looks. Zorile Store was repositioned under the tag line “Re-Fresh Yourself” and is now the store that makes one feel like new: filled with energy, optimism and very comfortable in his own skin.

Zorile Store rebranding comes 1 year after the online store was launched, a period in which commercial results surpassed the expectations: over 20,000 clients bought clothes and shoes from the online merchant.

With this rebranding, we are preparing for the growth that will follow. We aim to reach among the top 3 sports fashion online stores in Romania and, for this, we must earn even more of public’s trust, considering Romanians are skeptical when it comes of online commerce (…) The image we build with Storience’s help speaks about authenticity, sports, energy and novelty and shows the contemporary urban spitir. It will improve the buying experience and, in time, the trust in the products we sell.

Adelina Oprea

Marketing Manager Zorile Store.

The rebranding project consisted in brand audit and strategy, creating the new slogan “Re-Fresh Yourself” and Zorile Store’s brand story (video), of the new visual identity and also of the graphic design for the online store


The story of the brand speaks about the right to a new start, the right to feel new again. Zorile Store’s symbol looks alike a stamp – the classic mark of authenticity – but it is, in the same time, masculine, sportive and urban, same as the target public is (…) And the black-and-white photos made by Alexandra Sandu give to the brand even more authenticity and freshness

Adriana Liute

Managing Partner Storience

Zorile Store started as a stores network on Romanian Black Sea seaside, 6 years ago. With its own storage facilities and possibility to efficiently receive merchandise, the company decided to expand also online, to deserve the public loyalized during summers also after the season is over.

Zorile Store is different through novelty and complexity of sold brands collections, fast delivery and innovation.

Storience is the branding agency that builds coherent and attractive brands and was founded in July 2012 by Adriana and Stefan Liute. In just a few months, Storience already made a portfolio of almost 10 clients from services and FMCG sectors.

The team that worked on the project included Stefan and Adriana Liute – brand audit and strategy, brand story, slogan and Dan Dulau – identity design and website layout.