Air France seeks a match for Paris

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Air France launched the autumn campaign “Find a match for Paris” with contest with prizes and up to 25% discounts for tickets prices between October 10th-31st. Also, the airline offers special prices for 100 destinations in Europe, America, Carraibes, Asia and Africa.

The discounts campaign comes after the inauguration of the 2E terminal on Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, that will also serve flights from Bucarest.

Within the campaign, Air France runs a contest with attractive prizes. For 6 weeks, until November 30th, Air France Romania fans can enter in a competition that offers 42 access tickets at  Disneyland Paris and 6 luxury luggages Le Tanneur. The big prize consist in a Disneyland trip for an entire family  (2 adults and 2 kids), that includes 4 round tickets Bucharest-Paris, 2 nights of accomodation and access for 3 days in the 2 Disneyland parks.

To enter the contest, participants just need to select a destination to match Paris and post on Facebook what they chose, via the dedicated app on campaign’s website, developed together with Carnation Group.