The Secret Service tempts women with Kinder Bueno

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Kinder Bueno and The Secret Service launched a campaign during which the women are tempted with 100 bags-jewels. The campaign amplifies the power of temptation, that defines the emotional discours of the product. According to the strategy developed by the agency for Kinder Bueno promotions, a temptation never comes alone.

The statement is coherent starting from the product, packed as 2 temptations, continues with the slogan, communication and awards, in this case 100 luxury women bags.

To have a purse like in movies is one thing, but to have access to more of them, all expensive and spectacular and be able to match them as you want, is a dream. Kinder Bueno is in charge of this dream and transforms it in reality for 100 women. The Secret Service gave a twist to the classic “Send the unique code through SMS and you can win”, and the mechanic acts now as an exclusive club for the 100 luxury purses owners.

The winners are selected through a draw and they get to rotate weekly the purses between themselves. This is how each of the winners can show up till 12 different purses. In the end, the last purse received is the one that the winner keeps. Of course, there is the option to break the exchange chain.

With daring mechanics, awards never seen before in Romania, the promotion has also matching creative executions. The promotional packaging was enriched with an attachement that makes it look like a purse. The campaign also has a TV ad and OOH executions, print and  a special project with Romanian Cosmopolitan magazine – transformed, of course, into a purse.

The campaign also include an installation at Baneasa Shopping City, where two very tall mechanical women are exchanging purses helped by a special mechanism, illustrating promotion’s mechanic.

The mix included appearances in TV shows, on Fashion blogs, an online campaign, Kinder Bueno Romania’s Facebook page.

The purses offered as prizes come from known brands such as Christian Dior, Gucci, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin, Burberry, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Givenchy, Marni and Jimmy Choo.

The campaign was the one selected following a regional pitch organized by Ferrero Romania at the start of the year and confirms the partnership made with The Secret Service for strategy and creative services for the brands under Kinder umbrella.

Teams working on the project were

  • Kinder Bueno: Camelia Dau – Group Brand Manager Kinder and Adriana Novac – brand manager Kinder Bueno.
  •  The Secret Service: Adina Sorescu – Strategy Director, Mihai Ene – Creative Director & Copy, Radu Pop and Dragos Gheorghiu – Art Directors, Alina Cranga – Account Manager, Razvan Firea – Fashion Buyer.
  • Involved in the campaign were also  Mediapost Hit Mail, Studioset, Red Carpet Studio, Rodax, Zenith and Hyperactive.

The Secret Service has in portfolio clients such as Nescafe Alegria (Nestle), Aviva Life Insurances, Hertz, Pneurom, Bestprint, Rigips, AMC Pharma, Knauf, Sera Romania, Tire Master,, Reimens Group, Ecotic, Ultra PRO Computers, Stock Center, ECO Rent a car (Autotehnica), Galaxsea Travel or WATT Unit.