HIPPOS Innovation Research or how to make angry consumers work for you

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Hippos launched the newest online consumer research service, Lead User Communities, with the launch being made during Internet & Mobile World, an event that took place in the end of september

Lead Users are consumers that developed faster than others and, as a consequence, have some specific needs, different from the classic needs of their category. They are frustrated because their needs aren’t satisfied but, a very important thing, have ideas on what brands should do to so they would like them. And they are happy to share their ideas

Mihail Stanciu

Strategy Director HIPPOS

Stanciu is the one that launched and will lead the new Hippos Innovation Research division.

Together with the new division, Hippos also introduces a new approach, on the “one stop solution” concept. This way, the agency will offer consultancy service during the enttire innovation act, until the solution is implemented on the market.

By launching the new division, Hippos will offer its clients consultancy through all starges of a project, from defining the business problem until applying the solution and measuring the results

Hippos Innovation Research is made as part of a partnership with Winkle Amsterdam.

We’re happy we found, in Romania, a partner that shares with us the same passion for innovative approaches in discovering consumers’ needs. Our international experience in innovation and the common desire in understanding consumer’s behaviour, doubled by the extraordinary design abilities Hippos has, I think those are the ingredients of a promising start and a formula that would prove handy for Romanian marketing specialists

Hans Lingeman

Winkle (Amsterdam)

Hippos is a full service creative agency with 8 years of experience on Romanian market. The agency offers its clients integrated service of identity, creation, strategy and consultancy in innovation, production and digital. Hippos has in its portfolio clients such as Danone, Maritimo Shopping Center, Unilever, Adrem Invest, Kraft Foods and Tiriac Holding