Saatchi & Saatchi and Sensiblu launched a new communication platform

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Sensiblu launched, in the start of October, an advertising campaign that aims to increase the notoriety of the company and consolidate its position as leader on pharma retail market.

The concept “A symphony of people” answered the best to client’s brief and brand’s strategic vision. We are happy we were chosen by Sensibly to bring to the next level a premium brand with such a rich history. Sensiblu campaign is an emotional one, that talks to all ages and social classes, to all occupations and personality types – because Sensiblu is a pharmacy that has everything it’s needed

Cristina Iordanescu

Deputy Managing Director, Saatchi & Saatchi.

 Different people, different needs. But there’s a need that brings us all closer: the need of competent advices and proper products. The new Sensiblu campaign shows people in different moments of the day and night, people from different social categories, in Sensiblu pharmacies: they interact with the staff, ask for advice, are buying, are consulting between them. And, in the end, they leave the pharmacy satisfied with the entire experience. The result? An image campaign that simultaneously illustrates all that separates us, all that brings us close and the fact that there is a Sensibly pharmacy for each and everyone of us

Dan Nicolescu

Marketing Director, Sensiblu.

Saatchi & Saatchi developed the campaign that includes TV ads, pharma materials, radio and online. Also, in October and November, the agency will come up with 2 tactical campaigns.

  • Saatchi &Saatchi team: Cristina Iordănescu – Deputy Managing Director Saatchi & Saatchi, Johan Ohlson – Executive Creative Director, Laura Iane – Group Creative Director, Marius Tianu – Senior Copywriter, Alexandra Ivan – Group Account Director, Ruxandra Stoicescu – Senior Account Manager, Mihaela Racescu- AV Producer.
  • Sensiblu: Dan Nicolescu, Marketing Director and  Sotingeanu Daniela, Marketing Communication Manager.