Wallet Buzz makes mobile marketing in Romania

Business, Marketing, Mobile

Wallet Buzz announced it launched the 1st mobile marketing platform in Romania and the 1st app for smartphone that uses geo-location to bring one’s favorite merchants offers directly on the mobile.

Wallet Buzz app was made to be an useful tool for people that own mobiles functioning on Android and iOS. It is also an excelent solution for merchants marketing and promotions.

Merchants can launch their offers and those will reach instantly in potential clients’ pockets. The offers can be viewed and accessed instanly, no matter where, and the user can benefit of a voucher automatically generated by the app.

In the free time, for fun and shopping, users already passed from home computer or office laptop to navigation and using the app on smartphones. WalletBuzz comes to meet this transition, setting up the basis of a new consumer’s lifestyle.

Strictly on the target public for WalletBuzz (people aged 18-40 y.o, medium income and owners of a smartphone), the market studies show that they give to their phone almost half od the total internet interaction time, to access social networks, games or other activities, and this percentage continues to grow.

The market trend is very clear and the fastest the merchants will realize that, the more they will win. And let’s not forget this increase is dictated by consumers

Mihai Putinelu

Managing Partner Wallet Buzz