2Parale: Romanians buy online RON 3,000 worth products every hour

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Romanians buy online for RON 3,000 worth products every hour, according to the most recent activity report made by 2Parale for the first 9 months of the year. Only via 2Parale, the online stores posted, in the mentioned period, sales of over RON 18.7M, 67% more than in the same period last year.

According to 2Parale data, Romanians are using more money for online commerce, inclusively when it comes of just one transaction. If it is to compare with 2011, there is a 12% increase in orders with value over RON 400.

Also on a growing trend is also the medium value of orders, that increased by 10%, to RON 198. The most popular online bought products  continue to attract more generous budgets from Romanians. This way, to buy an ITC products, a Romanian uses, on average, around RON 800. On the other hand, for clothing, shoes and accessories, the amount is of RON 222 per order.

The biggest online sale through 2Parale, during the first months of 2012, was of over RON 50,000, with the amount being paid to acquire some ITC producst. The same category brought the biggest commission – of RON 813 – to a 2Parale affiliate.

Fashion and IT&C continue to be the most attractive categories of products for online buyers in 2Parale network. Still, the most significant growth comes from books, that posted sales increased by 276% compared with the first 3 trimesters of 2011.

Online and affiliate marketing markets confirm the rising trend followed in the last couple years. For the end of the year, we expect an accelerate increase, as the winter holidays are coming and there will be marketing activities such as Black Friday and iChallenge, the competition 2Parale is about to launch. It is interesting to follow the dynamics of certain products categories, as there is no more types of articles that weren’t bought online before. This is also the role of our infographic, to offer an overview on the online commerce market and consumption habits evolution

Dorin Boerescu

CEO 2Parale.

 The best period for the online commerce was September, that brought online stores sales of over RON 2.6M, only via 2Parale. September was also the most profitable month for 2Parale affiliates, that got together commissions of almost RON 160,000.

When it comes of consumption habits, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days for shopping, with small variations depending of the category of brought products. As observed from the start of the year, more and more Romanians are placing orders at night, after they previously make research during the day. The biggest number of online transactions is made around noon, for most users probably from the office, with a 2nd spike and new maximum at around 20.00.

2Parale is the 1st and biggest affiliate network in Romania, online since December 2008. It has in portfolio 205 campaigns and 12,400 affiliates that delivered over 51M clicks and generated for advertisers sales of RON 34M. It is also the only affiliate marketing network member of IAB Romania.