Monica Tarnovean: 5 years since launch, The Syndicate continues to aim for growth

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The Syndicate aims to continue to grow and will continue to use its experience, expertise and passion to generate visible results for its actual and future clients, Monica Tarnovean, Executive Director of the Romanian independent agency The Syndicate, said for AdHugger, in an interview offered at agency’s 5th anniversary.

AdHugger:  How did The Syndicate evolved during the 5 years since it is present on the market? How many clients did you have when you started the agency and how many do you have now?

Monica Tarnovean:  We started with 2 clients and we reached to a portfolio of 10 active clients right now

AdHugger:In 2007, The Syndicate started its journey as a partnership between 5 people. Were there any shareholders modifications during the 5 years since launch? What’s the secret to stay together and grow constantly?

M.T.: We were 5 when we started and now we’re still five, with one leaving and another one (myself) taking over. The secret to stay together and do things that will generate continuous growth is work delivered in a serious manner, mutual trust and the fact that we’re different and we complement and simulate each other.

AdHugger: In 2010, you had euro 3.1M turnover, up 23% compared to 2009. How did your financials evolved? What was your turnover last year and what do you think it will be the one you will post in 2012?

M.T.: Our turnover increased every year and, last year, we posted a 5% higher turnover compared to 2011. For this year, we estimate we will maintain at a similar level with 2011

AdHugger: How did The Syndicate react to the economical crisis?

M.T.: We continued to be who we are, to deliver what we are and in the way we always did. No matter the economical circumstances, we offered our clients quality services and adapted to clients briefs’ needs, while charging correct prices.

AdHugger: How many new clients did you add to your portfolio this year?

M.T.: In 2012, we continued to work with our traditional partners, but we also added to our portfolio two new clients.

AdHugger: What is the range of services The Syndicate offers to its clients? Do you receive more demands for one type of services than the others?

M.T.: The range of services is a complete one, characteristic for a full service agency. We offer brand strategy, creative services, communication strategies adapted to client briefs’ demands and implementation, inclusively trade marketing. When it comes of trade marketing, this is a department slightly unusual for a classic full service agency and we do intend to promote these services more intensely from now on

AdHugger: Are there domains that The Syndicate intends to expand its activity on? Why? Which are those domains?

M.T.: We do have plans to expand our activities in certain areas of expertise. As this is something that has to do with our business strategy, we will announce the next steps at the right moment.

AdHugger: What is The Syndicate number one priority in 2012? What about for 2013?

M.T.: We want to continue to grow and we aim to expand our clients’ portfolio, both this year and next year

AdHugger: How many people are in The Syndicate’s team?

M.T.: We have a 20 people strong team.

AdHugger: Can you mention a few campaigns signed by The Syndicate that generated results for agency’s clients?

M.T.: In five years, we used our experience, expertise and passion in the benefit of our clients and the results were visible:

  • For Grande Panini, the number of sandwiches sold per month increased from 900 to 15,000, after we created the new visual identity of the brand and developed a daring an attractive packaging
  • Trust is a client that was initially 100% B2B oriented and that switched 25% of its attention to consumer after we built a new brand identity and implemented, in Piatra Neamt, Cluj-Napoca and Craiova, a new store concept, a new monthly magazine concept and new materials targeting plummers and final consumers.
  • We developed from scratch Laptaru Ghita, an authentic Romanian brand for which we have a dual role, both agency and marketing department. In terms of results, we obtained an 100% increase in distribution and 35% turnover increase in just one year.
  • Banca Romaneasca is one of our traditional clients, for which we developed tens of campaigns even since The Syndicate started its activity. In terms of results, the bank kept its place in Romanian banking institutions top, on a very competitive market, and that was possible with a sustained effort, that also led to building the new communication platform for the next 3 to 5 years.
  • For Bramac, we helped achieving the sales targets, in a market that decreased by 40% during last few years. For 3 years, we boldly and coherently communicated directly with the consumer, which helped brands’ values to consolidate. We also promoted among Bramac consumers and distributors 3 new product assortments, with dedicated and adapted campaigns.
  • We also worked for Unilever Food Solutions, a client with which we made over 50 innovative and unconventional projects, 20 product launches, the Doggy Bag campaign – that competes at PR Awards, trade programs for chefs and restaurant owners. All those were created, launched and implemented in an impeccable manner, with added value for the client, both from business and image point of view.
  • Magura is the newest brand we are communicating for, since September 2012, developing its communication programs targeting directly the consumer.
  • Also, the last but not the least is Cumpana, a client for which we made a fresh and emotional communication campaign to promote Cumpana Acasa program in key interaction points.

AdHugger: How does a day at The Syndicate looks like?

M.T.: When it comes of duties, everyone knows what must be done, the agenda is already set. Sometimes, when it is needed, we organize spontaneously meetings to discuss different project. We also try to make some time to read from our library or to socialize, mostly during the lunch break or after hours, at Curtea Berarilor.

AdHugger: What hobbies do The Syndicate people have when they aren’t at work?

M.T.: When we aren’t at work, each of us has his own hobbies, besides advertising, that keeps our minds active all the time, as we have it in our blood: we scan promotions, OOH executions, campaigns also when we’re in our spare time, we come up with ideas for the projects we work on and that stay in our minds even if we’re not at the office anymore.

Besides that, each member from our team has its passions, such as beer, kids, dancing, reading, walking, sports, and personal development. Still, in all this, we are tied together by creativity and inspiration.