Lowe&Partners and VEKA teamed with Ionut Iftimoaie in a viral campaign for Veka windows

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Lowe&Partners is responsible for “Champion of my Soul” song dedicated to Ionut Iftimoaie by a misterious woman. The video is a hit over the internet for over a week and is the resistence piece of a viral campaign dedicated to promoting VEKA windows.

Ionut Iftiomoaie was already VEKA’s window, in a promotional campaign from when Lowe&Partners creative team came up with this idea that goes beyond classic advertising patterns. From OOH to can-can  was just a stept and that because Ionut’s optimistic and happy spirit is already a trade mark

Alex Oancea

Marketing Director VEKA Romania.

The campaign is dramatizing the idea of quiet by generating a loud and controversial melodrama that VEKA solves rapidly and surprisingly, but also in a memorable way.

Ionut – windows – quiet…the scandal was missing. So we asked Ionut to be our accomplice in a courageous action: a mix of guerilla advertising with a strong tabloid component that would open thousands and thousands internet windows, under VEKA signature!

Marina Cordun

Copywriter Lowe & Partners.

Lowe&Partners started by looking for a young women to love music and passioned by Ionuţ. After she was found, a teasing campaign started, with support from GolinHarris.  Young woman’s and Ionut’s Facebook pages hosted a heated dialogue between the 2 and, under follower’s eyes, Suzana (as the character name is) loudly expressed her love for Ionut for quite a few weeks.

It wasn’t long until tabloids took over and transformed the story in the subject of the day. After a couple days of uncertainty, the reveal came, with the launch of the campaign including a special ad, a “home made” one with Suzana as star, performing in her own sleeping room. Composed by Lowe & Partners, the song prizes the K1 champion and is hosted on Trilulilu. Amplified in social media, the viral reached, in just 7 days since activation, at over 12,000 views.

How did Iftimoaie got rid of his stalker? With help from page take over technology, a tool used inventively outside but still unexploited to the full potential here. Ionuţ effectively enters in the video’s story through an interactive banner that allows him to close a VEKA window over the serenade, reducing the stalker to silence

Elena Cernătescu

E-thinker Lowe&Partners.

Campaign’s concept is the creation of Lowe&Partners,  with production and implementation from HyperActive and viralization and amplification managed by GolinHarris.

The team involved in the campaign

  • VEKA: Alex Oancea, Marketing Director
  • Lowe&Partners: Alexandra Andone – Senior Account Manager, Marina Cordun – Copywriter, Claudia Pascu – Art Director, Elena Cernătescu – eThinker
  • GolinHarris: Monica Botez – Head Of Corporate Division, Ana Maria Nitoi – Senior Media Associate, Valeriu Ispir – Digital Manager
  • HyperActive: Razvan Scarlatescu – Project Manager, Ionut Andrei – Digital Product Director