GAV is handling creation for Milan Longanesi publishing house

Ads, Creativity, Media

GAV was selected to create book trailers for Longanesi publishing house, one of the most important in Italy. GAV’s visual creations, directed by Marius Rosu – Creative Director, (DOP Marius Donici), were already launched, in a very intense activity period, dominated by the big book fairs, like the recent one in Frankfurt.

GAV’s audiovisual productions made for Longanesi represent mainly B2B instruments and are aimed towards book retailers.

Book trailers are an unusual and elliptic type of communication for the “traditional” patterns of the category. They are (…) some mini-films that present, in a creative manner, like a cinema story, the story of the book.

GAV makes cultural marketing for 10 years and opened roads in this direction in Romania. Also, the agency isn’t limited by national frontiers anymore and here is why we are now happy to create for one of the Italian traditional publishing houses. It is a new product, in the web video category, with a production / quality price report in which we’re excelling from our position of creators, Producers and content accelerators

Lucian Georgescu

Managing Partner GAV.

Longanesi was founded in 1946 by the Italian journalist Leopoldo Longanesi and is headquartered in Milan, being recognized for its non-conformism, options liberty and originality of printed works catalog.