Lowe&Partners sets the basis for the biggest Romanian DIY community in Romania, on Facebook

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Lowe&Partners set up the basis for the biggest Romanian DIY community in Romania, on Facebook, where Praktiker Romania’s page reached, in just 6 months, to over 65,000 fans.

The increase of the Facbook page from 100 to 65,000 fans was made in 6 months and following the “A-grade Ideas” campaign made by Lowe&Partners for Praktiker Romania’s 10th anniversary.

We know Romanians are creative, mainly when it comes of personalizing their own home. Our dilemma was how to bring them together. We needed a place to inspire and motivate them. In the 1st phase, the motivation came from the numerous projects posted on the Facebook page and than from networking, from beautiful relations created among participants. It is even  more interesting that, meanwhile, mini-communities were formed around certain interest points: from gardening to people with passion for reconditioning, from balcony’s enhancements to people that like to create themselves objects. We are a family with many members and we continue to grow

Mirela Ochiana

Marketing Manager, Praktiker Romania.

We knew from the start that Romanians are interested in DIY. What we didn’t know back than is that there are so many of them! And I think exactly this idea, of a community that’s proud with what it creates dared them to send us their projects. Now we feel we owe them support in their future projects, so we’re developing useful instruments for them and we prepare exclusive offers to reward their involvement in the community

Elena Cernatescu,

e-Thinker, Lowe&Partners.