Zanussi helps Romanian students to keep tidy their rooms

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After coming back to the University, 1st thing students do is to clean and than unpack. Zanussi launched the constest “Clean room? It’s simple”, a contest during which it rewards the students that keep their rooms nice and tidy. According to studies, many young people experienced improper rooms, thrash, colleagues spreading their belongings everywhere and excuses over excuses to get rid of cleaning.

Zanussi’s contest took place on October 18-22 in Grozavesti students residences area. The students that entered the competition and kept their rooms clean had to signal this by putting a hanger on their door, with chances to win vacuum cleaners and many other prizes offered by Zanussi.

Though campaign’s message, it is stressed the importance of keeping clean the small student residence rooms in which more people live together. Far away from home and forced to manage themselves, students need help and Zanussi is lending them a hand either when it comes of cleaning or when it comes of cooking.The campaign runs both online and offline, with a movie that presents student’s life in campus running online and showing the pleasure to do nothing, irony and the try to escape all domestic responsibilities as a dialog between 2 room-mates.

Offline, the campaign consists in a contest in which people that clean and keep their rooms tidy are awarded. The participants will enter a draw and the rooms designated in the draw will be inspected and awarded only if they are clean and tidy.