Greyling Pulse: Increase reputation and visibility – main objectives for companies in Social Media

PR, Social Media

Greyling Pulse published the results of the 2nd wave of the study on the trends in communication industry. According to this, the increase of reputation and visibility are the main objectives for companies in Social media. Also, 22% of companies do not have a social media strategy, 23% of CEOs are personally involved in promoting their companies in SM and leaders in social media usage are the actors in tech, media&telecom sectors.

The 2nd edition of Pulse gathered opinions from over 1,100 experts in communication from all over the world. The study is implemented quarterly and aims to identify the trends in communication industry at global, regional and local level.

Among companies, 22% didn’t adopted a communication strategy for social media and, from the ones that did use SM, only 39% had an integrated communication strategies. Meanwhile, only 23% of the ones that hold CEO positions are personally involved in promoting their companies in SM – via blogs, Twitter or other communication network – while 44% do not get involved at all.

Besides increasing reputation (21.4%) and visibility (22.1%), increasing sales (11%) and improving relationship with clients (10%) were also mentioned .

The companies active in sectors such as tech, media and telecom occupy the 1st place in SM usage, 83% having a specific strategy, compared to only 60% for transport, auto and logistics companies and 68% companies in retail and consumer

According to the study, 78% of Western European companies had social media strategies, compared to 61.3% companies in CEE and Eurasia.