IAB Europe launched DIVE Europe, the only online calendar for events in digital and interactive marketing

Digital & Media

IAB Europe announced the launch of DIVE Europe, the only site that aims to reunite all future events that are promoting digital marketing in Europe.

The website aims to offer a solution for the difficult problem of identifying the most relevant events on European digital and interactive marketing events. The platform offers a database easy to use and understand for marketeers. It has 2 main important functions: provide to marketers a research engine that reunites pan-European and national digital events and offers the organizers a platform to promote their events.

All those ¬†interested on digital marketing events can use Dive Europe to search relevant events that are bound to take place in Europe, regionally or at international level. The filtering criteria include event’s location, date, subject, number of visitors and other info that help marketers to niche their search.

Events organizers that use premium subscriptions offered by Dive will be able to use an easy template to promote and announce their events, in a fast and simple manner. The opportunities offered by the platform insure a higher visibility and an increased focus on providing a valuable service for digital advertising community.

Dive Europe aligns perfectly with our mission to promote, support, protect and professionalize European digital industry, increases accessibility to info on European events and helps encouraging valuable content and best practives exchange from the entire region. Dive Europe is an esential tool to keep marketeers informed on the dynamic and continously changing medium of digital marketing

Alain Heureux

President & CEO IAB Europe

For Romania, Dive Europe is an obvious benefit for IAB members, but also for marketeers in general. Moreover, it is an important instrument that will make heard the voice of Romanian events organizers at European level. A better information on European events generates a better management of the events calendar at local level. Not the last, with Dive, there can be identified speaking opportunities and European partnerships, likely to increase the involvement of local companies in the European business environment

Ioana Anescu

Executive Director IAB Romania