Saatchi&Saatchi shows how life is without cash, in a campaign for Raiffeisen

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Saatchi & Saatchi signs “Life without cash“, the new Raiffeisen Bank campaign. Launched in the start of October, it includes a mix of communication channels, including an online platform, OOH activations, digital and social media

In today’s world, we have at hand a lot of socializing platforms and online options that it would be impossible not to simplify our lives and not to adopt “digital”, which also means dropping old payments habits.

The campaign developed by Saatchi & Saatchi for Raiffeisen Bank aims to promote the concept Smart Banking, in which the lack of physical money mustn’t be a barrier for anyone. The main purpose of the campaign is to offer info on the alternative payment methods, such as internet banking or POS payments, and to increase their usage.

It is a challenge to live without cash. But nothing is impossible when you know there are solutions. That is why we created a story inspired by reality and the possibilities tech evolution is offering us and also considering its fast adoption, including by Romanians. Who can better explain how to use technology in your advantage, without using a single coin, than people that use solutions created by banking experts. And, as money are a very serious subject, we couldn’t approach the subject but in an innovative and engaging manner

Carmen Barda

Group Account Director, Saatchi & Saatchi.

Ana and George are the “smart” consumers that, for 7 weeks, must live without using a coin or a banknote. The dedicated online platform and users interactions aim to dare the 2 young people to make all sorts of financial operations without withdrawing cash. Users can ask campaign’s characters even to buy 5 green peanuts without using cash. The most voted challenges per week enter a judging process at the end of campaign, with the most innovating challenge to win a smart car. Moreover, all Raiffeisen Bank using transaction instruments  during the campaign enter a draw for a second car.

Saatchi & Saatchi managed to approach in an innovative and new way a subject that, normally, is not so important. Money is an important subject for each of us, and the way we are using them represent us. Through the campaign (…) we wanted to show that we must not stress all the time when we can’t find change in our wallet or a bank machine close. Because we have so many other options at hand

Doris Dezzani,

Executive Director Executiv Marketing, Raiffeisen Bank.

Saatchi & Saatchi team working on the campaign includes Johan Ohlson (Executive Creative Director), Vlad Molico (Creative Group Head), Irina Codreanu (Senior Copywriter), Cristi Costea (Art Director), Carmen Dobrescu (Copywriter), Denisa Armasu (Digital Group Head), Cristi Hancu (Web Designer), Adrian Darabaneanu (Junior Web Designer), Carmen Barda (Group Account Director), Alex Rosca (Account Manager), Alina Cuzmin (Digital Innovation Director), Veronica Oancea (Digital Account Director), Victoria Sirbu (Junior Account Executive), Monica Garbur (AV Production Manager), Mihaela Racescu (AV Production Manager).

Raiffesen Bank team included Teodora Șaguna (Brand Manager), Doris Dezzani (Executive Director Marketing).