Alina Damaschin (Rogalski-Grigoriu PR) – juror at Eurobest 2012


Alina Damaschin, Managing Director Rogalski Grigoriu PR, will represent Romania in Eurobest’s PR jury, at event’s 25th anniversary, scheduled to take place in the end of November, in Lisbon.

Alina took over as head of Rogalski-Grigoriu PR 2 years ago and, since she manages the agency, it won a number of relevant awards in different competitions.

Alina Damaschin Managing Director Rogalski-Grigoriu PR

I am honored by Cannes Lions Romania’s invitation and extremely happy that Eurobest’s representatives chose me this year to be part of the PR jury. Eurobest is the festival that recognizes European creativity at its highest level and reunites, this year also, exceptional professionals that came up with campaigns or books we all learned from. It is an enormous responsibility, but I am up for it, with the pride to represent one of the most talented and creative European countries, that got constant appreciation in last years’ competitions. I thank organizers for trust and to my team and our clients, that were the ones with whom, together, reached to the performances that qualified us

Alina Damaschin

With professional background built in the Romanian agencies from ’95s, Alina migrated naturally towards public relations, a discipline that has today as much to say in strategy, creativity and changing perceptions as renown advertising agencies had in the past.

PR was introduced at Eurobest after initially being launched at Cannes Lions 2009. The proposal to integrate PR among competition categories of Cannes Lions came from Teodora  Migdalovici, Cannes Lions’s representative in Romania for over 8 years.

Teo Migdalovici

As any real troublemaker, I like to make waves, in the best possible sense of the expression. Jurors’ selection sometimes means to confirm an industry’s status quo and, other times, to discover and capitalize new hierarchies. This is the case with Alina Damaschin, that took over the leadership of one of the most appreciated PR agencies of the moment. After two years of consistent performance, Alina showed she deserved fully the trust capital offered by Eliza Rogalski and Dragos Grigoriu. It is also the reason she will be the juror to represent Romania in PR// Eurobest 2012

Teo Migdalovici.

Alina Damaschin has 14 years of experience in communication and successfully developed campaigns that won awards in Effie in 2000, equally for institutional clients (Child Protection Authority or Romanian Red Cross) and commercial clients (Procter&Gamble, Sony, Coca Cola, Unilever, Holcim, Caroli Foods). Under her management, Rogalski-Grigoriu PR team won, starting from the 1st year, 12 awards and nominations in important competitions  (European Excellence Awards, Romanian PR Award, SABRE EMEA), for clients such as Siemens, World Vision, Bergenbier,  Liberty Center or Kruk International.