Ursus Breweries invites young people to join “Control Generation! “

CSR, Marketing, PR

Ursus Breweries continues its “Find your balance! – www.desprealcool.ro” with a new component targeting young people, “Control Generation” communication platform. According to a  research, young Romanians want to control what they do and the new platform offers them more instruments for that: a website with a new structure and design, balanced info, mobile apps and access to influencers.

The research, made by Cult Market Research for Ursus Breweries, shows young Romanians aged 18-25 y.o. want to be in control of their own lives and being able to do so gives them a safety feeling. The main area where young Romanians want to be in control is personal relations (68% related to the family, 42% in relation with friends and 7% in relation with colleagues) and less in social relation area (46% – politics, 32% – professional life). Equally, the family has a big influence on young peoples’ decisions (82%), but also an important influence comes from friends also (56%)

When it comes to drinking, other people’s opinion matters for 61% when it comes of changing the social conduit related to alcoholic drinks. Also, 41% say they also are able to control their friends and colleagues when it comes of alcoholic drinks. The study, made on a sample of 1,005 young people aged 18 – 25 y.o. and living in main Romanian cities, showed that young Romanians drank alcohol at least once in the last quarter.

Also according to the study, young people feel safe when they are in control and consider that their objectives for the future depend on them and can be achieved with own means. Young Romanians accept advises and 80% of them try to correct their mistakes when this thing is signaled to them by their colleagues.

They also realize which are the effects of alcohol consumption, 40% saying they would try to stop a friend that drank too much and only 25% saying they wouldn’t do anything.

On the other hand, young people are attentive to the image they create online and admit that, on social networks, they present themselves as they would like to be and not as they really are, because over half of them (60%) thing that the impression they make to people they communicate online with is important. Young people know their online image affects also their offline life, with 20% mentioning that already happened to them. Internet means liberty for 80% of young people, that appreciate the fact that anyone can express freely online.

Once with “Control Generation” start, the campaign’s website changed its image and launched a new section where columnists with different passions join Cabral, campaign’s image, to engage with young people in “conversations about alcohol”. Campaigns’ columnists are Cristina Bazavan, Vlad Petreanu, Daniela Gheorghe, Viorel Copolovici, doctor Șerban Damian, Bogdan Nicolae and the psychologist Gyorgy Gaspar.

“Control Generation” appeared naturally, as a new step of our program www.desprealcool.ro, imposed by the profile of our users and their need to be in control (…) The results of the study show a website like www.desprealcool.ro can be an extremely useful instrument to send balanced information towards our public, in a medium where they are receptive and that attracts them. This way, young people that are in Control Generation have access to info and advices from people with a lot of experience that can guide their steps so they can make informed decisions that would help them have a balanced and responsible activity.

Diana Klusch

Corporate Affairs Director Ursus Breweries.

Control Generation started offline, with ControlFest. Along with Ursus Breweries, participants at the action were also Romanian Police’s General Inspectorate, Traffic Police Direction, National Public Health Institute, Children NGO-s Federation, Regina Maria health network, Cult Market Research, Napoca Rally Academy, Barmania and Kubis Interactive.