BrandTailors created Melliris honey brand, to

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Brandtailors created the honey and honey related products brand Melliris, a precious, original and premium brand. Created to address the bio honey segment on the Occidental market and to have a fast ascension among healthy-lifestyle onsumers’ preferences, Melliris is the 1st premium honey brand created in Romania.

Centered around values like respect for nature, sustainability and honest practices of traditional beekeeping, Melliris differentiates through its melodious and original name, that, together with “Mellis cum laude” slogan, makes it memorable and underlines the precious character needed to position it on premium market. 

Brandtailors team supported Melliris brand and will continue to be close to brands’ owners in their efforts to export all over Europe not only the products, but also Romanian beekeeping’s authentic and traditional principles

Andreea Florea

Client Service Partner Brandtailors

Fundamental for underlining brand’s values, Melliris visual identity – a stylized image of the symbiosis between bee and the flower via a honey thread – contributes to intensifying the association of the brand with luxury and preciosity idea. Moreover, by displaying complementary graphical elements as a “laurels crown” around the visual identity, the packaging design solution offers the differentiation on sub-categories of product, depending on their ingredients.

Packaging design based on simple and refined shapes, apparently sawed manually, and the decision to use a special paper to print and label the product offer to the consumer an unique and unforgettable brand experience, no matter the geographical area or culture he belongs to

Melania Moisi,

Group Creative Director Brandtailors

Brandtailors team working on this project included Anca Tazlaoanu – brand strategy and verbal rhetoric, Andreea Bora – illustrations and brand communication materials, Andreea Florea – brand strategy and project management, Beatrice Danis – brand strategy, Cristina Ionescu – project management and Melania Moisi – visual identity and packaging design.